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Welcome to Squirrly SEO Plugin Demo

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I recommend reading this page to make the most out of this limited-time demo

This is how it works

1. You will be able to create a temporary mock website to test the Squirrly SEO Plugin for 6 hours.

2. The Squirrly SEO Plugin already comes fully installed. You can easily start using it for free right away. 

3. You’ll get to see it in action without cluttering your website. 

4. Find out how it is to have a virtual SEO assistant at your fingertips and test it on mock articles and pages.

Then all that remains is to install Squirrly SEO on your own WordPress site and start ranking.

Play with the Squirrly SEO plugin. 

Test its features and discover its SEO magic.


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Getting Started

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If not, the login instructions are in the email you received. 

Next step is to get into the website’s dashboard
On the black bar from the top of the browser window, there’s a “Squirrly SEO Demo” button.
Right-click on it, and then from the menu, “Open link in new tab”

You can always return to this page by clicking on “Squirrly SEO Demo” from the Dashboard interface

From here you have access to the Squirrly SEO Plugin and the option to Edit or Add Pages and Posts on this Demo Website

The website already contains some premade content for you to test the plugin on

Below there are some suggestions of Squirrly SEO features you can try

But don’t limit yourself just to those!

For more ideas join our Digital Marketing Superstar community to learn about SEO or visit plugin.squirrly.co

What is this new site?

This website is a temporary WordPress website that you can edit at whim.

Basically, it’s a demo website that expires in 6 hours.

It comes with Squirrly SEO plugin Pro Version installed so you have access to most features of the paid plugin. 

This way you can test its capabilities in-depth without having a fear that it might affect your own website’s SEO settings.

Try to optimize the actual content, add focus pages, test its limits.

What would you like to test first?
1. Squirrly Live Assistant

SEO Optimizing a content means hitting some key points so that a search engine, like Google views your page as a great candidate for top ranking.

You can do it by heart or using an online checklist for every article you write.

The truth is, it gets bothersome fast to pay attention to little details in a wall of text.

Yes, as an ideal SEO article has over 1500 words.

What about having a virtual assistant right on your screen to help you?

That’s exactly what Squirrly Live Assistant does. As you write, it points out what your content is missing in terms of SEO and shows you what you already done right.

And it doesn’t stop here. He also helps you seek inspiration by offering suggestions of copyright free images, tweets, wiki articles and more, to include in your

Test Squirrly Live Assistant

Before testing this feature, you’ll first to go to the Squirrly Dashboard. This action will auto-activate the Live Assistant for the demo.

You can do this by simply clicking here.

Follow these steps to open the test article or open it by clicking here:

  1. In the Dashboard, select Posts > All Posts
  2. From the list, pick “Your First Time Hanging Out with Squirrly’s Live Assistant” to edit.

On the right side of the article you’ll see the Squirrly Live Assistant ready to help you optimize the article.

The first step in optimization is to pick a good keyword.

Now, this article was already optimized for a keyword when it was written. So that first part is done.

Let’s input that keyword and see what happens.

The keyword is: live assistant

After you’ve written the keyword, don’t forget to press the blue arrow.

See how the whole list gets colored in green? Not yet.

You’ll need to “Update” the article, from the top right corner.

Refresh the page.

Now the whole list should be green. This means the articles hits those sweet SEO strategic points and is ready to rank.

Not only that, but like I’ve mentioned earlier, below you have what we call “The Inspiration Box”. This means public domain (free to use) photos, tweets, wiki pages, social discussions and even previous articles from your website



‣ Pick another keyword and try to optimize the article for that keyword using the assistant

‣ Make the article better by adding some tweets and wiki posts

‣ Try to figure out the keyword for which the other article, “13 Awesome Devices That Changed the World” was optimized

2. Focus Pages

Focus Pages is a revolutionary SEO feature aimed to improve your ranking.

A lot of solutions focus on the whole website, which is not a bad thing in itself, but there also needs to be focus on individual pages. Almost every SEO tool on the market is either oblivious about this or let’s this part to the user.

A focus page is page that you want to see on top of the search engines.

Of course, ideally you’ll want every page there and as soon as possible. The reality is, it takes time and a lot of small steps. 

SEO is a competition after all, you compete with others to be the first 

The best thing you can do to kick-start your website’s organic traffic prowess is to rank individual pages. Each one of those pages will then drag up your whole domain.

Yes, you guessed it, those are the “focus pages”. 

With Squirrly you set up a few pages to be your focus and you’ll get near real time data on how to increase your ranking and make perfect SEO.

Setting a page this way also will help you monitor it and see if they improved and by how much.

As with other ventures, some pages might be a lost cause, the keyword might have too much competition, the people might’ve dropped the interest for that keyword and many other causes that will hinder a page to rank. 

You can spot this and react quickly by shifting your strategy and not bet on a bad venture, that might drag you down.

Test the Focus Pages

Follow these steps to open the Focus Pages or open it by clicking here:

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Squirrly SEO
  2. Click on the Focus Pages from the blue bar that appeared on top of the page.

On the center of the screen there’s a blue button: “Add a new page as Focus Page to get started” . Click on it

On the next screen, you can see all the posts from the website.

For starter, find “7 Surprising Habits of Wealthy People That Anyone Can Try” in the list and on its right, click “Set Focus Page”

You’ve just added a focus page.

The button will morph into a green button name “See Tasks”. Click on it.

You’ll be redirected to the actual Focus Pages interface.

As you can see, there’s work to be do for this page to be ready to rank up.

The goal here is to turn all, be them red, blue or yellow dots into green dots.

Let’s start with the grey dot under Strategy label.

In the right side of the screen a sidebar will appear with three main options: “Add keyword to Briefcase”, “Add SEO Context” and “Label Exists”.

Click on “Add SEO Context”. A popup will appear detailing what this means.

In short, for the search engines (and even users) to have a better understanding of your content and its targeted audience, it’s better to optimize for multiple keywords that offer this context. For example, if you have a local business, also add the city in the keyword, or if you cater to a specific audience, don’t forget to mention it.

The Squirrly detected this issue and warns you. Herein lies the true power of the focus pages. 

They act as a personal assistant for your SEO strategy.

So it’s time to research a new secondary keyword. To find out how, read the next section.

Meanwhile you can play with the other dots.



‣ Read step 3, do a keyword research, pick a better keyword, optimize the article for it and check if the Keyword dot turned green.

‣ Try to turn as many red dot’s into green as you can by following instructions

‣ Add another focus page

3. Keyword Research

As you’ve noticed earlier on Focus Pages, the keywords we sometimes have in mind are no necessarily the best to aim for.

Keywords are the very blood of a search engine like Google. People “talk” to Google using keywords and there are many keywords out there that are not used by your competition. 

Finding those keywords means getting and edge and they might be you’re breakthrough. 

Sure, we all want to rank on basic terms or on popular terms. The problem is, most of the times those terms have amazing competition and if you’re website just started SEO it means it can hardly compete with others that already have a head start of years of SEO. As long as they keep doing their job, the first page of Google will be very hard for you to attain on those search terms.

Yet, if you find a keyword that your completion omitted, you’ll have a high ranking chance on that low competition keyword. And yes, it might not be the keyword you’ve dreamt of, but ranking on top for many of those keywords will increase your site’s overall ranking and authority.

This means if you’ll do this more than your competitors, you might have a chance to catch up with them and even start to rank on those initial keywords you’ve dreamt of, but were out of reach. 

While there are keyword research tools out there, most know of them being Google Ads Keyword Planner, the majority of them are made specifically for ads. 

Squirrly Keyword Research is designed purely for SEO. This will offer you an advantage over those that don’t use it.

Test the Keyword Research

Follow these steps to open the keyword research interface, or open it by clicking here:

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Squirrly SEO
  2. Click on the Research link from the blue bar that appeared on top of the page.

You’re now on the Keyword Research page.

The process of research a keyword consist of 4 steps.

First, you pick a keyword. For this example, pick Habits of Wealthy People

To continue, click on Next

Next, you’ll need to pick a country. For this example, pick United States

To continue, click on Next

On the third step, a list will be generated. This is composed on related keywords and you might want to include some of them. For this example, pick financial habits of the wealthy and how do wealthy people live

Note: Keyword research is in real time, this means the suggestions here might’ve had changed, so pick any other ones

To continue, click on Do Research
Wait a little for Squirrly to do the research. When it’s done, you’ll be redirected to the results page.
Let’s take a look at the page. As you’ll notice, those keywords are not necessary great keywords to rank.
But don’t worry, this means we get to be a little creative.

Note: Keyword research is in real time, this means the examples here and ranking statistics might’ve had changed

A way to move forward here is to think of a keyword that is related to your previous keyword.

I’ve chosen mindset of the rich and wealthy. It’s easy to modify the article to fit this keyword.

Let’s do a research!

Go back to step 1 and try this keyword.

After the research, you’ll notice this keyword is way better than the keywords found on the previous research.

The next step would be to optimize the written article for this new better keyword.

Pro tip: You can save the keyword by clicking on the three vertical dots and select “Add to briefcase”



‣ Optimize the 7 Surprising Habits of Wealthy People That Anyone Can Try article inside the demo website using  the Live Assistant for “mindset of the rich and wealthy” keyword found in the research.

“A Hidden Gem to Affordably and Easily Improve SEO” My overall experience with Squirlly has been nothing short of fantastic!
Stephen S.
Principal Attorney
It is an excellent plugin for optimising the content of your website. The plugin handles various important SEO aspects like rich snippets and social snippets. It also tracks all the important aspects of content marketing strategy.