13 Awesome Devices That Changed the World

There’s a reason why you weren’t late for work this morning. It’s called an alarm clock. And if you didn’t make it on time, there’s a reason for that as well. It’s called Netflix. Or video games. Maybe even cat videos.

Whatever it is, it wouldn’t be possible without the technology innovations we now take for granted. Here are 13 devices that changed the world forever. They are our nominees for the title of “Greatest Inventions of All Time”. 

1. The Internet

It’s what fuels our addiction to social media, as well as our ability to keep up-to-date with any given news. With everything going on, it’s hard to believe the Internet as we know it only arrived in the ’90s. The Internet has lead to the creation of many different and important things, and will continue to do so.

2. Mobile/smartphone

Take a look at your app-packed cell phone and be thankful. There was a time humanity had to manage living without them. Today, mobile phones are the most widely used gadgets in the world. It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Devices That Changed the World

3. Laptop

We can’t imagine life without it, but it wasn’t that long ago that sending an email from a coffee shop seemed like something that was impossible to achieve.

4. Flash drive

Before we had the cloud, we had the flash drive. The first USB flash drive stick arrived in 2000 and the world became a better place because of it.

5. Alarm clock

Even though we dread the sound it makes in the morning, the alarm clock definitely deserves its place among the devices that changed the world.

Devices That Changed the World

6. Printer

The old printer has come a long way since it came out in 1984. Today’s printers are cheap and can do a whole lot more than just print your kids’ homework.

7. Smoke detector

Like most great inventions, the smoke detector originated from a mistake. Its inventor, Swiss physicist Walter Jaeger, was trying to design a sensor for poison gas. Frustrated, he lit up a cigarette and noticed a meter on the instrument had registered a drop in temperature due to the smoke.

8. Flashlight

The early flashlight had very weak batteries, with just enough current in them to keep the light on for a few seconds at a time. Hence, the name.

9. Blender

It might not be on your wish list this Christmas, but the humble blender definitely has its use. Invented in 1922, this often underestimated kitchen device significantly changed the way we eat.

10. Floppy disk

It’s sad to think that kids today don’t even know what a floppy disk is. Fortunately, we still have the “Save” and “Save as” disk icons in toolbars and menus to remember the old days.

Devices That Changed the World

11. Wi-Fi Router

There’s no way we could talk about the devices that changed the world and not mention the Wi-Fi router which was launched back in 2000. Nowadays, most people would give up coffee before they give up Wi-Fi. That says a lot.

12. Digital camera

The world’s first digital camera was created in 1975 by an engineer at Eastman Kodak. The 8 pound camera recorded very low-quality black and white photos to a cassette tape. It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since then.

13. The radio

We all love singing along when our favorite song comes on the radio, but its benefits go way beyond that. Radio is and has always been an important media channel that provides people from all over the world with instantaneous information.

Devices that changed the world: Which one is your winner?

We are curious to find out what is your all-time favorite from this list. If the devices you can’t live without didn’t make it on our list, make sure to mention it in the comment section below.

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